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  1. We (through our Institute & Clinic)are genuinely working for the promotion,development and research in the field of Electropathy in Tamilnadu
  2. We are regularly conducting seminars,conferences,and refreshing classes for making skilful and talented Electropaths.
  3. We are conducting a number of free Electropathy medical camps all over the Tamilnadu for creating well awareness among all.
  4. We are promoted Electropathy by Making Vcd/dvds and Audio Cds
  5. We are posted so many short videos in You tube for creating Eh awareness all over the world.
  6. Soon we are going to publish well standard Electropathy text books
  7. We are well protected the genuine practitioners of Electropathy through our Tamilnadu Electropathy Students and Doctors Association
  8. We are progressively working for publishing Electropathy Journals
  9. We are genuinely guided many students and practitioners to manufacture Eh medicines and also work as distributor/stockist
  10. We are issuing a complete set of Electropathy legal documents at free of cost
  11. We are treated many patients at affordable cost/free of cost if so needy
  12. we are supplying many E-books(Eh) at free of cost via email.

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