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  • We have a well equipped laboratory, meant to help teaching and giving practical training.
  • We have a team of well qualified teaching staffs.
  • A good library with books to gather for all needs.
  • Enough facilities exist for recreation.
  • The institute is centrally placed in Vellore and well connected by public transport system.
  • Hostel facilities: At the moment students will be accommodated at rented houses, till such time as the hostel is ready.
  • We also propose to have our own research lab for formulation of various remedies and special techniques to extract i.e. Cohobation.
  • We are having a tie up with Laboratory to get advanced knowledge in lab diagnosis.
  • We have a team of dedicated doctors working in various aspects of Electropathy.
  • We are also having eminent lawyers on our panel to take care of all the legal issues.
  • Computer medical package learning facility.
  • Electropathy seminar will be conducted regularly.
  • Educational tour will be arranged for identifying medicinal herbs.

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