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Electropathy was invented by a famous Italian scientist Count Ceaser Mattei in 1865 who devoted himself to the field of Medicine and discovered remedies, which could HERBS incurable diseases. He proved that man is the product of Nature and only a medical science based on the law of nature can prevent and protect its creation. He searched for cures in the vegetable kingdom and succeeded in curing some of the worst forms of Scrofulous Complaints. Encouraged by his success, he proceeded with his experiments, discovered many more medicines. At last he was successful in his work and extracted the Medicinal properties of 114 plants and prepared 38 medicines. Later, He added 22 more medicines. He used the medicines on the basis of the “law of Polarity” and demonstrated that any changes in the two vital fluids of the body, the Blood and the Lymph, will lead to disease. The principle of Electro Homeopathy holds that the body is a complex structure and only complex remedies for the complex disease will prove worthy. The Electropathy medicines are prepared by scientific process called Cohobation Method, introduced by Dr Theophrastus Von Hoheneim in which living energies of the plant essences obtained from medicinal plants. These remedies have maximum curative capacity regulate the Lymph and Blood and also to keep them purified. The Principle of this medical science is “COMPLEXA-COMPLEXIS-CURANTURE” which means complex disease are cured through complex medicines, the human body being a complex structure. Electropathy recognizes human being and plant as two complementary electronic configuration of natural system in which, Medicine acts as a donor while human being as acceptor. Electropathy is a fifth medical system in India. Its medicines are purely herbal oriented, (spagyric essence from medical plants), which are non toxic, non alcoholic, harmless with no side effects besides it is very cheap and within the reach of the poor people. Though only four recognized (Allopathy, Ayurveda, Unani and Homoeopathy) medical system exit, there is no reason why fifth or for that matter sixth or seventh will not come. Certainly the fifth has come and even sixth and seventh medical system will also come and get recognition.

Electro means any disturbance which occurred in the living organism expelled out from the body by exchange of force (odic force) and restores the organic tissues of body to its previous state of health systematically as well as constitutionally through its nervous system

Homoeo means equilibrium between blood and lymph (Homoeostasis).In other words,homeostasis means creating physical and chemical consistency of the cell and to keep balance body into steady state.

Pathy means system of treatment.
After recognition of four medical systems i.e. Allopathy (Western Medical System), Ayurveda & Unani (Ancient medical system) & Homoepathy, Electropathy I Electro homoeopathy is also prevalent in India and other developing countries.

The invention of this medical system was made in the year 1865 by Italian Scientist Count Ceaser Mattei of Bologna (Italy). He was born on 11th January, 1809 at LaRoccheta of Bologna (Italy). He was honoured by the pope as Count. He was also a Lt. Col. and Chief Magistrate. In addition to this he was also elected as “Member of Parliament”. The invention of this medical system was sudden and by chance in the year of 1865.Mattei felt that our food is mostly vegetable kingdom and therefore, the diseases should also be cured by vegetable kingdom. With this idea he started his work for finding the details about the Vegetable kingdom and at what stage they are good for medicines and what combinations of plants will come a particular diseases. He studied the other four medical systems also and found that every pathy lacks somewhere.

Electropathy medicines do not have chemical or physical properties of plants. As the vegetable plants contain electric power, system founder prepared its medicines with spageric essences under Cohobation process without loss of Radio activity or ‘Od force’. At last he found 114 medicinal plants and herbs from which he prepared 60 medicines under seperate Pharmacopoeia. The medicines are divided into 9 groups and each groups are further divided in sub groups. The name of the groups are as under: Scrofoloso, Angioticos, Febrifugo, Canceroso, Venereo, Limfatico, Vermifuge, Pettorale & Electricities etc.

All diseases can be treated by Electropathic medicines. It has all emergency properties. It dramatically cures all incurable chronic diseases.

Since Electropathic medicines are prepared only with distilled water and spagyric essence obtained from medicinal· plants, no iron, mercury, alcohol, Chemical substances and animal kingdom are used in the preparations of Electropathic medicines.

The Principle of Electropathy medical science holds “Complexa – Complexis -Curantur”.

The aim of the principle being that our body is a Complex built up so only Complex remedy for Complex disease will prove worthy. Our body has also positive ( + ) and negative (-) charges and if the charges of the body is kept in steady state (equilibrium), would help in removing the diseases. There are different organs in body. Main unit is cell. Each cell join up to form tissues & organs of a human body. Hence it is a complex process. That is why the treatment should also be complex form. A complex remedy will cover up all the areas which have been affected, scientifically. Electropathy recognises human and plants as two complementary electronic configuration of natural system in which herbal plants act as a donar while human being as an acceptor. The root cause of any disease in human body is an imbalance in electronic potential in a specific organ/all parts of the human body.

After departure of Mattei, Electropathy was further developed in Germany. It has also been developing in other countries like USA, Sri lanka, Pakistan, United kingdom, Switzerland etc. In india it is being developed properly be NEHM of India ( NATURO ELECTRO HOMEO MEDICOS OF INDIA), Janak Puri, New Delhi under the leadership of Principal Secretary Dr.Narendra Kumar Awasthy. NEHM of India, a premier organization was established in the year 1983 under S.R. Act to promote this system of medical science. NEHM of India has been authorized by Central Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India since 14.06.1991 for promotion, development and research in Electropathy. Further NEHM of India is authorized to issues various certificates and diploma in Electropathy. NEHM of India has technical collaboration for medicinal plants with Dr. Y.S. Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Solan (HP); G.B. Pant University of Agriculture and Technology, Pant Nagar (Uttaranchal) and Ministry of Public Health, Ukraine (Europe).He was also one of the Expert Members in both the committees constituted by the Ministry of Health and F.W., Govt. of India for the recognition of Electropathy. Due to his persistent efforts many starred and Un-starred questions for the recognition of the system were got raised through the M.Ps in the Parliament Pvt. Member Bills (Electropathy Recognition Bill)(annexure copy 1) has also been introduced in the parliament.

Due to his persistent efforts towards the promotion of Electropathy, various courts have also passed the order in favour of electropathy as well as NEHM of India. In addition to this the Hon’ble Courts have also granted legal rights to NEHM of India and in accordance with court’s judgement “NEHM of India may issue Diploma/Certificates and holders to such diploma/certificates are entitled to practice Electropathy System of Medicines (annexure copy 2) on the strength thereof. His sincere efforts and dedication, NEHM of India and Electropathy have arrived at a stage where it can establish a seperate identity in the medical systems as a complete disease system of medicines commonly known as fifth new medical system Electropathy / Electro homoeopathy which has separate Pharmacopoeia.

Advantages Of Electropathy Remedies

  • Pure herbal based medicine
  • Non toxic
  • Non alcoholic
  • Very cheaper and easily available
  • No side effects and aggravations
  • Easy to prescribe
  • Acts like an electricity
  • Fast action than other herbal based medicine.
  • Lot of external usage remedies
  • Having all emergency properties.
  • Marked curative power
  • Readily taken by infants
  • Suited for all pet animals also
  • Over dose, wrong dose may rarely produce reaction.
  • Reaction can be easily corrected.
  • Give nutrition to cells
  • Supply nutrition to RBC, WBC & lymph.
  • Cures incurable diseases.
  • Hospitalization is not required.
  • Having medicines for hereditary diseases also.
  • Tasteless, odorless and colorless
  • No expiry for medicines.
  • May also be taken with other system of medicines.

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